The design was made to be easily incorporated into a practice.  There are limited components that can be moved on or off the ice with ease.  The heaviest component is the base at 34 lbs.  We have seen how the trainer can be implemented as a station on a circle during a normal practice regime.  Depending on the skill level, different drill sets can be utilized.  Example drill sets can be found at We are currently working on extra video resources for the 2019-2020 season.  Coach training classes are being developed.  This will help the new coaches of Timbit/Initiation (and other) with trainer usage.

Ice Setup & Teardown


The trainer was designed to be compact enough to store in an arena.  Successful incorporation into a drill plan requires easy access.  Typical storage solutions are shown below.  The best storage is when the trainer is dissembled into 5 pieces.  A base and 4 arms. The arms are 14′ (4.3m) long and can protrude 20″ (50cm) from the wall where the trolleys are located. See photos below. Brackets are available for an extra cost.


We are taking orders via email at  We are currently selling the units however we are considering leasing options to make the costs an operating expense.  We will consider adjusting price points for multi trainer purchases and potentially for a “first in” for a new geographic region.  The delivery schedule for the season varies with demand.  We can typically deliver at a maximum of 4 weeks if no inventory is available.  We do carry extra inventory for the fall push.  Because the trainer is such a new concept, the adoption is unpredictable.  The best way to ensure delivery is to secure a unit(s) with a deposit.

Company Brief

The Tornado’s Edge™ trainer gives physical support to skaters of all ages to strengthen confidence with controlled repetition learning (muscle memory). It allows young skaters to practice the difficult task of learning how crossovers are accomplished. More advanced skating edge techniques can also be refined with the support of the trainer. Applications of the device seem to expand all the time. When adults use the device, they benefit from the support because falling can be much more dangerous as age increases. Individuals with physical or visual disabilities can also expand their activity potential with the Tornado’s Edge™. The trainer is the brainchild of Derek Fortier and Gerard Beaulieu of Forsche Enterprises LTD. The product was developed and tested in minor hockey environments. Derek, who is a minor hockey coach, conceived of the idea when he was helping his sons with skating technique. Coaches and players alike get very excited when they see the trainer in action. The first question is “How do we get this in our practice?”. If you are interested in sponsoring a team with a trainer, please Contact Us.