About the Founders

How it Started

The concept of Tornado's Edge started with Derek Fortier's role as a Father and hockey coach. His sons had very different comfort levels when they were learning to skate. Just like any parent would do, Derek knew he had to change his approach for his one son that was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. By supporting his son with a hockey stick, the fear of falling was removed. Derek could then instruct his son to position and move his feet to stride and crossover. He realized at the time that other kids can learn more quickly with this technique. A systematic approach to this method percolated in Derek's head for a couple years. Everything changed in the summer of 2016 when Gerard, a long time friend, moved back to Calgary. This time, the two single Dads were dealing with financial pressure in a difficult employment environment. Derek was done thinking and he wanted to make a device that would help young skaters learn how to do crossovers and refine edge techniques. He collaborated the concept with Gerard and a mutual friend from their Aerospace industry past. In a very short time, a prototype was designed and fabricated. The first on-ice trial of the trainer was a huge success. It was known at that time there was merit to this new innovation. With the help of local manufacturing/fabrication, the entrepreneur train was in motion. In 2016, Calgary's economy was a challenge for many, and knowing that a difference can be made while providing our youth with a great tool was a win-win! The success of the trainer was very rapid. The versatility of the innovation keeps surprising the founders. Applications keep evolving in hockey, ringette, figure skating, rollerblading, and speed skating. The supporting nature of the trainer assists young skaters, individuals with physical disabilities, adults needing extra support, seniors relying on support, individuals with vision impairment. The trainer expands the ability for everyone to have an enhanced ice experience.

Our Home

Located in beautiful Calgary, Canada, Forsche Enterprises shares its presence with a huge hockey culture and a dynamic high tech environment. The combination of great lifestyle and amazing creative city allowed Forsche Enterprises LTD. to create this transformative innovation. We have received incredible support from the Flames Foundation, Hockey Calgary, and all the Minor Hockey Associations.

City of Calgary